Tash was our very first Tibetan Spaniel. She was born at Sharbonne, from their very last Tibbie litter. How lucky were we to get this beautiful girl to start our love affair with the breed. Tash was beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. She was quiet, kind and her one aim in life was to please. She took to showing as if she was born for it. She absolutely loved going to shows and had a hugely successful show career. Unfortunately Tash never had any puppies, but she was a great role model for our youngsters and loved playing with pups.






When we brought Tash’s litter brother home to the Uk aged 8, Tash and James had a family re-union, running around the garden with obvious delight at seeing each other again. The pair were inseperable and spent hours together, curled up in the same bed of sniffing out the same smells in the garden.