Male ‘Louie’
DOB: 05/12/16
Colour: Sable

Puppy wins:
BP/PG3 Royal Cornwall 2017
BOB/BP/PG1 Monmouth 2017
BP/PG4 Liskeard 2017
BP/PG4 Camborne Redruth 2017
BP/PG4 Stithians
1st MPD Paignton Ch 2017
BP/PG4 Newton Abbot 2017
BP/PG1/BPIS West Country 2017
BP/PG3 North Devon 2017BP/PG1 Exeter 2017
BP/PG2 Okehampton 2017
BP/PG1/BPIS Duchy Oct 2017
BP/PG1 Liskeard 2017
BP/PG2 Duchy Nov 2017
BP/PG2 Torquay 2017
BP/PG3 Minehead 2017
BOB/G2/BP/PG1/BPIS Penzance 2017
BOB/G2/BP/PG1 Truro 2017
BOB/G1/BP/PG1/RBPIS Exonian 2017

Adult wins:
BOB/G1 Totnes 2017
Kernow Top Dog Qualifier 2018
Wiviliscombe Supermatch Special Puppy Winner 2018
BOB/G1 Ilfracombe 2018
Welsh Dog of the Year 2018 Qualifier
BOB/G4 Bristol 2018
Res CC Birmingham National 2018
Top Dog of Devon Qualifier 2018
Show Certificate of Merit gained 2018
BOB/G3 West Country 2018
Res Best Dog Southern Counties 2018
BOB/G1 Chepstow 2018

BOB/G1 Monmouth 2018

BOB/G4 Stithians 2018

BOB/G2 Plymouth 2018

BOB/G3 Wiviliscombe 2018

BOB/G4 North Devon 2018

CAC & CACIB Benelux Winners Show 2018

1st/Graded Excellent Intermediate Dog World Dog Show 2018

BOB/G1 Newton Abbott 2018

BOB/G3 Bristol 2018

BOB/G2 Newton Abbot 2019

BOB/G2 Ilfracombe 2019

BOB/G3 Okehampton 2019

BOB/G3 Torquay 2019

Show Certificate of Excellence gained 2019


Top Dog of Devon overall winner 2019

BOB/G1 Westcountry 2019

BOB/G4 Taunton 2019

BOB/G1/Best in Show Yeovil 2019

BOB/G2 Stithians 2019

BOB/G1/Best in Show Plymouth 2019

BOB/G2 Wiviliscombe 2019

BOB/G3 North Devon Ag. 2019

BOB/G1 North Devon Canine 2019

BOB/G2 Torquay 2019

BOB/G1 St Austell 2019

BOB/G1 Penzance 2019

BOB/G1/Best in Show Exonian 2019

BOB/G3 Newton Abbot 2020

Louie is our latest Finnish import. Bred by our dear friend and very talented breeder Tiina Ramo, his sire is the well known Int & Multi Champion Ziestan Iki-Ihana, his dam is the beautiful Mow-Zow Princess Lilileian. He arrived in April 2017 and has become a much loved part of our family. Once again, we owe a huge debt to Tiina and also to Niklas Kalske, for bringing Louie safely to us. Niklas has become like one of our family, we both think the absolute world of this extremely talented young man.

Louie is a very special boy, he has a kind, sunny nature and he is full of fun; he loves everyone and has his own little fan club cheering him on at shows. He has become a polished showman, and has an impressive list of wins under his belt.. Louie has sired several litters already and his offspring are making themselves felt in the show world. His son Bear is already a Best in Show winner, at just 13 months of age.

CIB, FIN Ch, EE Ch, LV Ch, EE Vet Ch, LT Ch, RU Ch, PL Ch, BG Ch, MK Ch, LT JCh, ME Ch, EE JCh Ziestan Iki-Ihana
Ziestan Tao TaoMonasin's Milliam
FIN Ch Mango's Ti-ny Tu-ua
EE VCh, LV VCh, LT VCh, BALT VCh LVVW-14 EEVW-14 Ziestan Indira FIN Ch Zik-Zak's Ken
Parkwell Indiana Jones
Mow-Zow Princess LilileianMow-Zow Charlie ChaplinFin Ch Flametail Co-Mist-Us
Tuuling Chan Tashiko
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