Female ‘Ellie’
DOB: 1/11/12
Photo: Pekka Rantanen

Estonian Show Champion
Baltic Junior Show Champion
Estonian Junior Show Champion
Lithuanian Junior Show Champion
Latvian Junior Show Champion
Lithuanian Junior Winner 2014
Latvian Junior Winner 2014

Ellie lives in Finland with our dear friend Tiina Ramo and the Lilileian Tibetan Spaniels. Ellie is a typical Tibetan Princess, very much loved and spoiled as befits her royal highness!

Gary and I are both very grateful to Tiina for the fantastic life she gives Ellie, and for campaigning her so well. We are very proud of Ellie!

Ellie has proved to be a lovely Mum. Her litter to the very handsome Elmeri (Multi Ch Lilileian Honour of All) produced five stunning babies. We are extremely proud to have one of Ellie’s gorgeous daughters, Keeta, here in our show team.

Tiina has this to say about Ellie:

Our queen of the house, Ellie, is a true blue-blooded royalty. She is my jewel from the UK. She knows she is very special and with her clever mind she uses my admiration for her to her advantage. She basically does what she wants and when she wants. She absolutely rules the house (3 other Tibetan Spaniels and one Lhasa Apso) with firm paw. But when she thinks I am not around to see, she can be found playing with the baby Lhasa. She is very smart and loves cuddles. But only when she decides so – not necessarily when I ask for them. She is such a pretty girl with the most beautiful head and expression. Her expression stays gentle until she spots the camera and I try to take a photo. That is when she turns her royal frown on. You truly can see when Ellie is not amused!
I met Tina and Gary at Cruft’s 2010 and saw their lovely Tia. Right away I knew I would love to have a puppy from her. I was actually waiting for a boy but Tia decided to make five beautiful girls. And that is how I got Ellie. I am so grateful for my dear friends for this lovely Tibetan girl.

Ch Tibbylands Solo

BOB Crufts 2011
Ch Colphil Cha-Lhi at Tibbylands
Ch Spandapa's Senghi Lama for Braeduke
Colphil Chloe
Cream Sable
Deanford Xena at Tibbylands
Ch Deanford Quaestor
Dansteval Drucilla
Ch Chenrezi Keeper of Dreams JW ShCM

Rosanley Ko-Ri at Paulin JW ShCM
Ch & Irish Ch Rosanley Kaymin Thyme
Ch Rosanley Four Thymes a Lady
Chenrezi Keep The Faith
Red Sable
Ch Friarland September Storm
Ch Chenrezi Kiss'N'Tell ShCM
Shaded Sable