Female ‘Fab’
DOB: 1/11/12

Puppy wins:
BP/PG1 Marlborough 2013
BPB Birmingham Ch 2013
BP & Res BB Southern Counties Ch 2013
BP/PG3 Royal Cornwall 2013
BP 3 Counties Ch 2013
BP/PG1 Liskeard 2013
BP/PG1/BPIS Stithians 2013
BP/PG1/BPISBPIS Totnes 2013
BP/PG2 Minehead 2013
BP/PG2 North Devon CS 2013
BP/BPIG/BPIS SW Tibetan Spaniel Club 2013
BP/PG1/BPIS North Devon AA 2013
BP/PG3 West Country 2013
BP/PG4 & RCC City of Birmingham Ch 2013
BP Richmond Ch 2013
BP/PG1/RBPIS Plymouth Canine 2013
BP/PG1 Exeter 2013
BP/PG2 Okehampton 2013
BP/PG1 Tavistock 2013
BP/PG2 Poole 2013
Top Dog of Devon Puppy winner 2013

Adult wins:
BOB/G2 Plymouth 2013
BOB/G2 Tavistock 2013
BOB/G4 Liskeard 2013
BOB/G1/RBIS City of Brstol 2013
RCC British Utility Breeds Ass. Ch 2013
BOB/G2 Totnes 2013
BOB/G1 Taunton 2013
SW Supermatch overall winner 2014
BOB/G2 Newton Abbot 2014
BOB/G1/BIS Central Cornwall 2014
BOB/G4 Ilfracombe 2014
BOB/G1/RBIS Gloucester 2014
BOB/G1 Torquay Spring 2014
BOB/G1 Exeter 2014
BOB/G1/BIS Bridgwater 2014
BOB/G3 St Agnes 2014
BOB/G2 Marlborough 2014
BOB/G3 Devon County 2014
BOB/G2 Totnes 2014
CC Welsh Kennel Club 2014
BOB/G1/RBIS West Country 2014
BOB/G3 Truro 2014
BOB/G4 Plymouth 2014
BOB/G2 Camborne Redruth 2014
BOB/G3 Okehampton 2014
BOB/G1 Tavistock 2014
BOB/G3 Liskeard 2014
BOB/G2 Autumn Torquay 2014
Top Dog of Devon finalist 2014
BOB/G3 Bridgwater 2014
BOB/G1/BIS Exonian 2014
CC LKA Ch 2014
BOB/G1/BIS Exeter 2014
BOB/G4 Plymouth 2014
BOB/G1/RBIS Torquay 2015
BOB/G4 Okehampton 2015
BOB/G1/BIS Bristol 2015
BOB/G2 Bridgwater 2015
BOB/G4 St Agnes 2015
CC/BOB/G2 Bath Ch 2015
BB & BOB Southern Counties Ch 2015
Winner Champion Stakes Liskeard 2015
BOB South Wales Ch 2015
Winner Champion Stakes Exeter 2016
Winner Champion Stakes Exonian 2016
Top Dog of Devon finalist 2017
Winner Champion Stakes Liskeard 2017
Winner Champion Bitch Stakes West Country 2017
Winner Champion Stakes Exeter 2017

Faberge was born in 2012 to our latest Champion, Tia. She was one of five stunning sable bitches. We had a big dilemma trying to decide which puppy to keep from this lovely litter. Eventually we settled on Faberge because she has the most adorable Tibetan nature. She is a quiet, dignified girl, who is absolutely devoted to her family, whilst being totally aloof with strangers. Of course, she is playful and adventurous, as all puppies are, but she has an old head on her young shoulders! Her best friend is our oldest Tibbie girl, Holly. The two can often be found asleep on the same duvet. Faberge is gorgeous and she knows it, she has earned the nickname “Fabulous Faberge” !

Faberge enjoyed a fantastic puppyhood, she came out with a bang winning Best Puppy and the Puppy Group at Marlborough at 6 months and 1 day old. She has continued to thrill us with her winning ways, culminating in winning the Puppy competition at this year’s Top Dog of Devon, thus crowning her Top Puppy of Devon 2013.

Fab won Reserve Best Bitch at Southern Counties under mary Deats (Aradet) and her critique read:

“6 1/2 months old and isn’t she well named, as I feel in time she will certainly cause a lot of trouble for judges who, like me, would like to take her home! Absolutely delicious baby pup, so self-assured, arrogant and positive during her entire time in the ring. She is something special and knows it. Excellent breed type, love her head and expression, beautiful dark oval eyes, excellent ears, clean neck and excellent forehand, level topline, well ribbed back, balanced angles fore and aft and can she move, with such freedom and accuracy. Yes, she is small, but she has time on her side. So promising. BP & RBB. Mary Deats (judge)

At 9 months of age Fab delighted us by going Best Puppy in Show at the SW Tibbie club open show, under Daniel Roberts (Souska). Daniel’s critique read:

Lovely 9 months feminine baby, very forward for her age, her balance, proportions & overall picture is quite beautiful & correct. Most stunning head & exquisite expression, jet black pigment, very dark oval eyes, correct in muzzle and cushioning, very good width and depth of chin, moderate neck leading into well placed shoulders, nice tight elbows, good legs and feet, very good body and ribbing, firm topline, lovely tailset and carriage, so well plumed. Moderate angulation behind with firm parallel hocks, ultra sound coming and going & really projects herself so well in profile with a lovely quick free moving gait keeping a tidy overall picture. Lovely puppy coat & in lovely condition. Beautifully handled, with luck will go on to brighter things. BP. Daniel Roberts (judge)

At City of Birmingham Fab won the Res CC as well as Best Puppy, under Sally Atkins (Jontygray). Her critique read:

No trouble here, what a lovely puppy! Cream with super pigment. Dark well shaped eye, feminine head, just right for size, level topline, well carried tail, neat feet – will watch her career with interest. BP RCC G4 Sally Atkins (judge)

At BUBA 2013 Fab agin won the RCC under the well respected breed specialist judge Vi Armstrong (Friarland). Her critique read:

Just loved this quality bitch. Sweetest of heads with that typical aloof expression. Lovely dark mask with that width of muzzle which is lacking in many. So sound in body and movement and shown to perfection. delighted to award her RCC.

Ch Tibbylands Solo

BOB Crufts 2011
Ch Colphil Cha-Lhi at Tibbylands
Ch Spandapa's Senghi Lama for Braeduke
Colphil Chloe
Cream sable
Deanford Xena at Tibbylands
Ch Deanford Quaestor
Dansteval Drucilla
Ch Chenrezi Keeper of Dreams JW ShCM

Rosanley Ko-Ri at Paulin JW ShCM
Ch & Irish Ch Rosanley Kaymin Thyme
Ch Rosanley Four Thymes a Lady
Chenrezi keep The Faith
Red Sable
Ch Friarland September Storm
Ch Chenrezi Kiss'N'Tell ShCM
Shaded sable