Female ‘Summer’
DOB: 28/6/12
Colour:Red Sable

Puppy wins:
BP/PG1 Taunton Spring 2013
BP/PG3 Newton Abbot 2013
BP/PG1/BPIS Tiverton 2013
BP/PG3 Plymouth 2013
BP/PG1 Central Cornwall 2013
Puppy Runner-Up SW Supermatch 2013
BP/PG1/BPIS Gloucester 2013
BP/PG4 St Austell 2013
BP/PG4 Torquay 2013
BP/PG3 Exeter 2013
BP/PG2 Bridgwater 2013
BP/PG3 West Country 2013
BP/PG1/RBPIS St Agnes 2013
BP/PG2 Bodmin 2013
BP/PG2 Taunton Summer 2013

Adult wins:
BOB/G1 Gloucester Spring 2013
BOB/G2 Okehampton 2013
BOB/G4 West Country 2013
BOB/G4 Okehampton Autumn 2013
Top Dog of Devon finalist 2013
BOB/G1 Plymouth 2014
BOB/G3 Royal Cornwall 2014
BOB/G3 Liskeard 2014
BOB/G2 Wiviliscombe 2014
CC & BOB Paignton Ch 2014
Res CC Welsh Kennel Club 2014
BOB/G4 Ilfracombe 2015
BOB/G2 Gloucester 2016
BOB/G3 Royal Cornwall 2016
CC WKC 2016
BOB/G2 Newton Abbot 2016
RCC Richmond Ch 2016
BB & BOB South Wales Ch 2016
BOB/G1 Bridgwater 2017

BOB Southern Counties Ch 2017
CC & BOB 3 Counties Ch 2017

Summer is the daughter of our lovely shaded sable girl Missy and the handsome male Rosanley Ko-Ri. She took to showing like a duck to water, she absolutely loves it! Summer made her debut in Decmber 2012 and soon clocked up an impressive set of wins, including In January, at the tender age of just 6 months, Summer won Puppy Runner-up at the SW Supermatch 2013 under Meg Purnell-Carpenter. It came as no surprise that Summer gained her title with ease, she is a real show girl, with a great attitude.

Summer took time out of her show career to have a litter to Ch Tibbylands Solo. There was only one baby, but it was a very special girl, India, who was to become her mother’s double!

At home, Summer enjoys playing with her friends Solitaire and Faberge. She is a happy girl with a sunny nature, she loves cuddles with Daddy and also likes to curl up on the sofa with the rest of our girls.

Ch Tibbylands Solo JW
Ch & Irish Ch Rosanley Kaymin Thyme
Paulin Popped In Sold Out
Nireen Rose of Chynna at Rosanley
Ch Rosanley Four Thymes a Lady
Ch Friarland September Storm
Ch Chico Dee Ta at Rosanley
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Shaded Sable
Amcross Phil-Bee
Amcross Kunti
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Black & Tan
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Shaded Sable
Braeduke Pach Marti at Chenrezi
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