Female ‘Solli’
DOB: 26/3/11
Colour:Cream Sable

Puppy wins:
BP/PG2 Tavistock 2011
BP/PG1/BPIS Liskeard 2011
BP/PG3 Okehampton 2011
BP/PG2 West Country 2011
BP/PG1 Torquay 2011
BP/PG1 Penzance 2011
Top Dog of Devon Qualifier 2011
BP/PG2 Exonian
BP/PG3 Bristol 2011
BP/PG1/BPIS Totnes 2011
BP/PG1/BPIS Yeovil 2012
BP/BPIG Newton Abbot 2012
SW Supermatch Puppy Runner-Up 2012
BP/PG2 Plymouth 2012
BP/PG4 Central Cornwall 2012
BP/PG3 Ilfracombe 2012
BP/PG2 Okehampton 2012
BP/PG1/BPIS Exeter 2012
BP/PG4 Bridgwater 2012
Junior Warrant Winner

Adult wins:
Show Certificate of Merit winner
BOB/G2 Devon County Show 2012
BOB/G2 Torquay 2012
BOB/G2 Plymouth 2012
BOB/G3 Tavistock 2012
BOB/G4 Okehampton 2012
BOB/G3 Totnes 2012
BOB/G2 Ilfracombe 2013
BOB/G4 St Austell 2013
BOB/G1/RBIS Torquay 2013
BOB/G4 Exonian 2013
BOB/G1 St Agnes 2013
BOB/G3 Bodmin 2013
BOB/G3 Marlborough 2013
BOB/G3 Taunton 2013
BOB/G3 Stithians 2013
BOB/G3 Minehead 2013
BOB/G2 North Devon 2013
BOB/G2 Exeter 2013
BOB/G2 Torquay 2013
Top Dog of Devon Qualifier 2013
BOB/G4 Bridgwater 2013
BOB/G4 Taunton 2014
BOB/G2 Okehampton 2014
BOB/G2 Bodmin 2014
BOB/G4 Totnes 2015
BOB/G3 Plymouth 2016
BOB/G2 Minehead 2016
BOB/G1/RBIS Exeter 2017
BOB/G2 Okehampton 2017
Top Dog of Devon Qualifier 2018
BOB Liskeard 2017

Veteran Wins

BVIG Exonian 2018

Solitaire is a polished show girl. She absolutely loves showing, and can always be relied upon to give a faultless performance. She is a very successful show girl, as her many wins above evidence. She has a lifetime qualification for Crufts.

Solitaire has also proved herself as a producer. Her daughter Christie was top Junior for her owner Pam Wayman. She has four daughters qualified for Crufts. Solli absolutely loves being a Mum and enjoys her babies, she will suckle anyone’s puppies, even if she doesn’t have milk! She is a great role model for our young bitches.

At home, Solli is a very sweet natured girl and loves to come up on the nearest available lap for a cuddle. She is very friendly and will amuse herself with her many toys or play happily with her friends Tia, Missy and Faith. Her favourite place to sleep is snuggled up to the big teddy on the sofa.

Ch Tibbylands Solo

Ch Colphil Chaa-Lhi at Tibbylands
Ch Spandapa's Senghi Lama for Braeduke
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Deanford Xena at Tibbylands
Ch Deanford Quaestor

Dansteval Drucilla
Rosanley Thyme Tu Party at Chenrezi JW ShCM

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Ch Spandapas Senghi Lama for Braeduke
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Nireen Rose of Chynna at Rosanley