Female ‘Ebony’
DOB: 17/1/00 – 31/5/14
Colour:Black & Tan
7 x Best Puppy in Breed
4 x Crufts Qualified

Ebbie was born in 2000, the only bitch in a litter of boys! We were not planning on keeping a black and tan Tibbie but as Ebbie was a tiny pup, only 3oz born, we decided to keep her as a pet, thinking she would be tiny all her life, How wrong we were! Ebbie was a fighter from the start and soon bossed all her brothers around and made sure she got the best teat, then the best spot in the food bowl and so on.

Ebbie didn’t really enjoy showing, but made the odd appearance and even went to Crufts one year. Ebbie had a great enthusiasm for life in general. She liked to be at the centre of things and loved going to work with Gary, where she had her beloved Dad all to herself. She also liked riding shotgun in the van, barking at any dogs she saw through the window.

She had three litters and proved to be an excellent Mother to her many babies. Her son Ace had a very successful show career as did her daughter Bo. From her last litter, we kept the singleton puppy, Mistletoe, who is still with us and is so like her Mother in temperament and has the same endearing ways about her.

Ebbie may be gone, but her memory lives on in her descendants, her grandaughter Summer is a champion and has her own beautiful daughter now being campaigned.

Champion Deanford Quaestor

Gold Sable, Black Mask
Ch Wildhern Ice'N'Fire
Gold Particolour
Ch Reinbridge Simba at Souska
Sable & White
Ch Wildhern Winter jasmine
Shaded Red
Deanford Ottilie
Ch Taimani Punka-Wallah
Gold/Silver sable, Black Mask
Deanford Miranda of Pamissa
Braeduke Pach Marti at Chenrezi

Shaded Sable
Ch Spandapa's Senghi Lama for Braeduke
Shaded Sable
Ch Taimani Ghadiali
Gold, Black Mask & Fringes
Braeduke Samgitti Sutta
Ch Braeduke Pobari
Black & Tan
Ch Carretero Dancing Master
Shaded Sable
Braeduke Kon-Yo at Ch Braeduke Pusum
Sable, Black mask 7 Fringes