Ellie is the beautiful daughter of Rosie and Solo. She was born in 2011. She shares her home with her human servants Jo and Andy, in Plymouth. Ellie has a great life, she travels around the South West regularly going to the beach and woodland walks. Ellie lives with her big ‘brother’ Dexter. We are very grateful to Jo and Andy for giving both these Tibbies such a great life, they are cherished and adored as befits them!

Jo Has this to say about Ellie:

Ellie is a tough little princess she has trained us up to her standards. She is not afraid of most things and very vocal. She loves chilling at home or running around the beach or woods. She is our gorgeous little independent princess otherwise known as the Queen of Sheba .

Ch Tibbylands Solo

Ch Colphil Chaa-Lhi at Tibbylands
Ch Spandapa's Senghi Lama for Braeduke
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Dansteval Drucilla
Rosanley Thyme Tu Party at Chenrezi JW ShCM

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Ch Spandapas Senghi Lama for Braeduke
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