Male ‘Crosby’
DOB: 5/2/09

Crufts qualified 2010
Crufts qualified 2011

Crosby is owned and loved by another good friend of ours, Annette Cole. He was shown as a puppy and won well, qualifying for Crufts 2010 and 2011.

In August 2010 Crosby came to Ireland with us for the four circuit shows. He showed very well and was graded ‘Excellent’ at all four shows and also won all his classes.

In 2011 Crosby retired from showing and now lives happily as a pet with his family of human and canine admirers.

Crosby often comes to visit us at Chenrezi and we are always pleased to see him. He is a very happy boy with a lovely sunny nature. He always gets very excited when he sees us and we are always delighted to see him.

Annette has this to say about Crosby:

Crosby is the most wonderful of Tibetan Spaniels. Once in a while you have the pleasure of knowing a special little person and Crosby is one of those. He came to live with us 8 years ago and we are so blessed to have him in our home. He is so loving and so knowing, a true ‘Old soul’. He likes to make himself heard when welcoming visitors, after all they have come to see him not the other 4 dogs that he lives with. He loves his food especially ham and cheese. He was once found actually in the fridge eating the Christmas ham and that certainly gave him a taste for it. He loves to run in the fields and enjoys a romp on the beach and then a cuddle with his favourite toy which at the moment is a rather ugly hippo. Crosby knows how much he is adored. He loves being groomed which makes him even more handsome. He is the dearest little chap, so full of love but he has the aloofness that Tibbies can have, after all they are superior to others. Tina and Gary are fabulous friends and I cannot thank them enough for letting Crosby live with us. He really is my friend!

Rosanley Ko-Ri at Paulin JW

Top Sire 2011
Cream Sable
Ch & Irish Ch Rosanley Kaymin Thyme
Paulin Popped In Sold Out
Shaded Sable
Nireen Rose of Chynna at Rosanley
Ch Rosanley Four Thymes a Lady
Ch Friarland September Storm
Ch Chico Dee Ta at Rosanley
Rosanley Thyme Tu Party at Chenrezi JW ShCM Ch Linsdown Kova
Red Sable
Ch Spandapa's Senghi Lama for Braeduke
Linsdown Kuni
Ch & irish Ch Rosanley One Moment in Thyme
Paulin Popped in Sold Out
Shaded Sable
Nireen Rose of Chynna at Rosanley