Female ‘Tiffany’
DOB: 20/3/14

Puppy wins:
BP/PG4 Okehampton 2014
BP/PG1/BPIS Liskeard 2014
BP/PG3 Torquay 2014
Top Dog of Devon Puppy Winner 2014
BP/PG4 Bridgwater
BP/PG2 Truro 2014
BP/PG4 Exonian 2014
BP/PG1/RBPIS Bristol 2014
BP/PG1 Yeovil 2014
BP/PG2 Taunton 2015
BP/PG2 Exeter 2015
BP/PG1/RBPIS Newton Abbot 2015
BP/PG2 Ilfracombe 2015
BP/PG2/RBPIS Plymouth 2015
BP/PG1/RBPIS St Austell 2015
BP/PG2 Torquay 2015

Adult wins:
RCC Birmingham 2015
Junior Warrant gained 2015
KCJW Semi-Finalist 2015
BOB/G4 Plymouth 2015
BOB/G1 Liskeard 2015
RBB South Wales Ch 2015
BOB/G1 Torquay Spring 2015
BOB/G4 Minehead 2015
BOB/G2 Truro 2015
BOB/G4 Exonian 2015
BOB/G3 Bristol 2015
BOB/G1/RBIS Totnes 2015
BOB/G2 Exeter 2015
BOB/G2 Torquay Autumn 2015
BOB/G4 Bridgwater 2015
BOB/G3 Westcountry 2016
BB/BOS Southern Counties Ch 2016
BOB/G2 Camborne Redruth 2016
BOB/G1 Torquay 2016
BOB/G1 Minehead 2016
Top Dog of Devon Finalist 2017
BOB/G2 Liskeard 2017






Tiffany is from a repeat mating of our lovely Faberge. She couldn’t be more different than her full sister, where Fab is aloof with strangers Tiff loves everyone. She is a real sweetheart to live with, very gentle and kind to the youngsters. She is an absolute dream to show and has had a very successful show career so far. Tiffany had her first litter in October 2017 to the very handsome Teddy (Quintrelle Colour Me Happy), two sable boys and a black and tan girl. Tiffany’s daughter Emma remains here at Chenrezi, where she is following in her Mum’s pawsteps, already winning puppy groups and has qualified for next year’s Top Dog of Devon competition.

Ch Tibbylands Solo

BOB Crufts 2011
Ch Colphil Chaa-Lhi at Tibbylands
Ch Spandapa's Senghi Lama for Braeduke
Colphil Chloe
Cream Sable
Deanford Xena at Tibbylands
Ch Deanford Quaestor
Dansteval Drucilla
Ch Chenrezi Keeper of Dreams JW ShCM

Rosanley Ko-Ri at Paulin JW

Top Sire 2011
Cream Sable
Ch & Irish Ch Rosanley Kaymin Thyme
Ch Rosanley Four Thymes a Lady
Chenrezi Keep The Faith
Red Sable
Ch Friarland September Storm
Ch Chenrezi Kiss'N'Tell ShCM
Shaded Sable