Sian was our first Braeduke Tibbie, daughter of Ann Wynyard’s black and tan girl Ch Braeduke Pobari and the world famous Ch Spandapa’s Senghi Lama. Sian had a busy show career but really came into her own as a brood bitch. She had two lovely litters, one to Colphil Khan and one to Ch Deanford Quaestor. From her first litter came Chenrezi Chase The Wind, our beautiful Sox, and from her second litter came our black and tan girl Ebony, Chenrezi Chase The Ace.

Sian was my Mother’s constant companion and slept on Mums bed right up until she died. Sian was a quiet girl, very easy to live with, but she was top bitch for all of her life, and she kept all the youngsters in line.